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BOLLYTONING is an intense fat burner, muscle toning and strength training workout, which works on every muscle group, and helps to sculpt your body.

Muscular strength; Muscular Endurance; Cardiovascular Endurance; Flexibility; Power and Strength Training. The BOLLYFIT Training Program helps to boost your metabolism by building up calorie-burning muscle tissue, and ensures that you’ll preserve lean muscle mass as you lose fat. 


BOLLYTONING has two main workout components: 



Abs (Abdominals), Buttocks (Glutes) and Thighs - An intense Upper and Lower Body Conditioning workout, to Burn Fat and Tone up Lower and Upper Abdominals, Glutes, Hips, Inner, Outer, Upper (Quad muscles) and Back (Hamstring) Thigh muscles.

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Founded by Reema Sarin, BOLLYFIT is an intense cardio workout and a fantastic fusion of aerobics, cardio kick boxing, calesthenic exercise moves with sophisticated bollywood, bhangra, hip-hop, salsa, jazz, funk, modern dance, synchronized to popular Bollywood, Remixes, Bhangra and Indipop music at 200 beats per minute, the fastest in the fitness industry globally. BOLLYFIT is a high energy fat and calorie burner workout, which increases your stamina and boosts your metabolism. The strength training and toning exercises ensure that you get a real workout without feeling the burden of exercise. BOLLYFIT moves work out each and every muscle in your body in a very distinct way, giving you a well balanced full body workout, which help you de-stress and unwind as you exercise. BOLLYFIT is for everyone – Men, Women, Boys and Girls.


Aimed to increase one’s flexibility through deep muscle and Yoga stretches and correct breathing, to give you a relaxed Cool Down at the end of the workout. BOLLYFIT breathing and stretching exercises ensure that you de-stress and relax every muscle in your body with non-impact stretches and moves.


" I started bollyfit workout classes about month back, I must say I enjoy the sessions immensely. Reema is extremely professional and hardworking person,  she understands body types and mixes our workouts with lots of cardio,stretches,weights and floor exersices. I feel fit,energetic,toned and most importantly very active! Bollyfit is highly recommended regimen for all health conscious people who also love bollwood music!! "

-Sudeshana Banerjee 

Major in Indian Army

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