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Reema Sarin's BOLLYFIT Workouts with Wrist Weights

'Bollytoning with Wrist Weights', which are fantastic for Strength Training and Toning. Today we are doing some Burpees Jumps, Split Jumping Jacks and Oblique Jack Jumps.

The Burpees Jumps: the Burpees jumps with the wrist weights are a combination of cardio and strength training exercises. They are fantastic for toning the quadriceps or the upper thigh muscles, as well as the arms. The bend sit down move is great for slimming the abdominal muscles

The Split Jumping Jacks - the Split Jumping Jacks move really raises up your heart rate, providing you with a great high intensity workout. The plie split move tones the inner thighs and the gluteus muscles.

The Oblique Jack Jumps - the oblique jack jumps work out the ab oblique muscles, accentuating a toned look for the abdominals area. These jump moves require you to bend down over with one / both arms, pressing in the oblique muscles and toning the sides of the ab area.

Overall, the above jump moves with the wrist weights incorporate both cardio and strength training moves, using multiple muscle groups, and are very effective in giving you a full body workout.

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